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Toll Manufacturing Vehicle Cleaning Products

Toll Manufacturing Vehicle Cleaning Products

Vehicle detailing is a big business with steady growth. With the number of cars and other transport vehicles continually increasing, there is no doubt that a vehicle detailing business will flourish.

Cleaning products for vehicle detailing are very specific for the type of detailing or cleaning work being done. Typically, these products are heavy duty types of products formulated to remove deep-seated dirt, grime, oil and grease.

If you are in the business of vehicle detailing or supplying cleaning products for vehicle detailing services, finding a good quality manufacturer of vehicle detailing products is an essential part of the business. Keeping a good stock of cleaning products is also important in the success of the business. For this requirement, a supplier would benefit much from toll manufacturing practices than in simply buying wholesale from a manufacturer.

What is Toll Manufacturing?

Toll manufacturing is one smart way of doing business. First, it provides opportunities to distributors to supply products without having to actually set up a manufacturing facility. Second, it allows the manufacturer to focus solely on research and development of products.

In toll manufacturing, the manufacturing company is focused on the production side only. Unlike in big operations where the sales, marketing and distribution are part of the business, toll manufacturing gives the sales and distribution part of the business to a distributing company.

Custom Chemicals International is a toll manufacturer that focuses on developing and manufacturing cleaning chemicals for distributors. Part of the company’s product offering is its line of vehicle detailing products, which are heavy duty cleaning solutions for various types of vehicles.

How It Benefits Your Business

If you are a supplier for vehicle detailing businesses or if you are in a big vehicle detailing business, toll manufacturing is a better alternative for wholesale buying cleaning products.

With toll manufacturing offered by Custom Chemicals International, you not only get an ample supply of products, you also get to customise the branding of the product through a special agreement with the company. As a distributor, you will get to have your brand printed on the product even though you are not actually manufacturing the product.

You can learn more about toll manufacturing at CCI’s website:


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