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Regular Vessel Maintenance is Vital to Marine Safety

With approximately 85% of the population of Australia living within two hours drive to the ocean, our proximity to water has created a love of water sports that is enshrined in our culture. Surfing, boating and fishing have been favourite pastimes for many years, and as younger people discover the delights of a day out on the water, there are no signs that any of these activities are on the wane. Many ordinary Australians own boats and are prepared to hook them onto the family vehicle and tow them for an hour or two most weekends, to gain access to a river, estuary or the open ocean.

Luxury yachts, jet boats to tow water skiers, jet skis, surf skis, paddle boards in fact anything that will float finds it way towards the coastline from any of the major centres right across the country, especially on a long weekend. Along with the ownership of all these watercraft comes the responsibility of maintaining them in a seaworthy condition for the safety and enjoyment of passengers. Sometimes this is not easy as salt water is very unforgiving, and only the right type of product will produce a successful result.

Top Quality Marine Degreaser Now Available

Thankfully, a reliable marine degreaser distributor supplies a product that is a breakthrough in salt water surfactant technology. It also works just as well in fresh water. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, this product, Marine Degreaser, will work under the heaviest of conditions and quickly penetrates into soiled areas. It removes dirt and grease from metal, concrete and other hard surface situations such as engines, bilges and outboard motors.

Marine Degreaser is distributed by Custom Chemicals to wholesale outlets. It has multiple uses and is particularly effective when used as a degreasing bath or dip for engine blocks. A good scale remover, it also removes water mark stains from hulls, removes and retards algae and is an excellent deck wash. Marine Degreaser is biodegradable, soluble in water and in appearance is a clear green liquid with a glycol odour.

ISO0991 Accreditation Supports Quality Commitment

Custom Chemicals has an ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as evidenced by their ISO9001quality accreditation. This is an assurance to their many wholesale customers that their products are of international standard. The company has the capacity to service the needs of large businesses and their systems are designed to enable quick despatch of large quantities of product to the market.

If you are a wholesaler looking to add Marine Degreaser to your range, go to for more information and contact details. If you have a boat and you are interested in what this product offers, ask your marine supplier if they have it in stock.

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