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Can Clean Pets and a Clean House Co-exist?

Can Clean Pets and a Clean House Co-exist?

Having pets does not mean having a house that smells of pets. As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to keep your pets clean so that they remain healthy and smelling nice. Regularly grooming your pets is not hard work, it just takes a little extra time. It also does not need to be expensive. There are ways to keep your pets clean, and your house as well, without spending too much money.

Keep Those Dog Hairs Away

Pets shed hair. Some pets shed more than others, but pet hair is a major cleanliness challenge for pet owners. You can scoop up hair using a swiffer, hand-held vacuum, or dustpan. However, proper grooming will help pet owners minimise the amount of hair that needs cleaning up. Brushing your dog or cat a few times a week, for a few minutes, will reduce the amount of hair that will otherwise end up in the air or on the floor.

Do the brushing outside your house and use the right brushing implement. Seek the advice of your groomer or veterinarian to learn what will best suit your pet.

Bathe your Pets

Cats bathe by licking themselves. There is no need to bathe cats unless they are old or disabled. Dogs, on the other hand, do not need to be bathed more than once a month. Use pet shampoos to bathe your pets. There are also conditioners you can use to make your pets' fur easier to brush.

Shampoos and conditioners for pets are available in your local pet store. Ask your groomer or veterinarian about the right shampoo or conditioner to use on your pets.

Potty Train your Pets

Train your dogs to do their No 1 and No 2 outdoors. Remember to carry disposable bags when you walk your dog, so as not to annoy your neighbours with your dog's mess. It is not right to clean up after your dog inside the house. If you are, then it is time to consider asking a dog trainer to work on potty training your pet, or consult with your veterinarian about possible medical conditions.

As for cats, they usually do their business in a litter box. Frequently clean your cat's litter box to prevent the smell of cat urine from invading your home. It is recommended that cat owners purchase a new litter box about once a year.

General Cleaning to Observe in your Home

Pets, particularly cats, tend to walk on counters and other surfaces used for food preparation. Their paws have certainly touched litter and you do not want those dirty paws touching your food preparation services. Wipe your counters clean with a cloth or paper towel soaked in cleaning chemicals before and after you put food on your counters. It is also a good idea to keep your kitchen utensils such as a cutting board and knives inside cupboards or drawers if you have pets running freely around your home.

Pet owners should also be diligent in cleaning their pets' cages to keep foul odour away. Use a cleaning solution that also acts as disinfectant and deodoriser to keep your pets' cages clean, germ-free and smelling good.


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