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Custom Chemicals’ Competitive Edge

Custom Chemicals’ Competitive Edge

Custom Chemicals International (CCI) continues to thrive in the business of producing a broad range of cleaning chemicals for household, commercial or industrial applications, thanks to its focus on toll manufacturing. The company’s business strategy has positioned it to better improve the products it produces for its clients.
Since its start of operation in 1985, the company has focused its efforts on wholesale distribution for multinational companies. “The focus on wholesale distribution allows CCI to maintain competitively low prices in the market place. Custom Chemical International takes great pride in our ability to service the cleaning industry through providing strong and accessible technical and sales support,” says the company.
CCI’s business involves toll manufacturing, which means it manufactures the products for distributors to market to the public. The company also offers in-house labelling and printing to make the brand specific to large distributors. This focus on manufacturing allows the company to concentrate its energies on creating new products for its clients. To date, the company has been producing a wide range of cleaning products, including kitchen cleaning solutions, cleaning chemicals for toilet and bathroom, household, animal care, industrial and vehicle. Recently, the company has added a range of Bio-Green cleaning products as a response to increasing clamour for environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.
Central to the company’s success is its dedication to meeting the highest standards for the cleaning chemicals industry. “Custom Chemicals commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our ongoing success in the chemical manufacturing industry for the past 23 years,” according to the company.
As part of its aim to elevate the standard of quality of its products, CCI provides its customers with the peace of mind that they are marketing only the best products to the market. CCI obtained ISO9001 accreditation for its manufacturing facility. In addition, the company’s category 3 registration with the APVMA for the manufacture of animal care and pesticide products gives customers added assurance of the product quality that they are getting.
The company’s concentration on toll manufacturing and contract packing allows it to grow its head filling equipment and tone blending tanks to make sure that the client’s production volume requirements are met in a timely manner. CCI also ensures that its facilities and equipment as well as its safety and production processes are always up to date.
CCI  produces cleaning chemicals under the Custom Care and CCI brands, but its clients have the option to use their own brand name in marketing the cleaning products to the public.

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