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Cleaning with White Vinegar

Cleaning with White Vinegar

Vinegar has always been known as an effective household cleaning solution. White vinegar is favoured by many because it is environmentally safe to use as it is even effective as a cleanser. White vinegar can kill most bacteria, mould and germs that cling to materials around the house. Mixed with other household agents, white vinegar becomes more potent in removing stains and dirt.

Custom Chemicals lives up to its reputation of bringing only the best and most effective Brisbane cleaning chemicals, whether for residential or commercial use. The toll manufacturer considers all viable cleaning solutions in order to meet different requirements and demands. As part of this effort, the company includes environmentally safe cleaning solutions in its roster of products.


The company provides pure white vinegar as a safe alternative to removing dirt and stains on different surfaces. The solution is essentially versatile as a cleaning agent, non-toxic, economical and biodegradable. It works well as an anti-bacterial cleaning solution that does not use any harsh chemicals. The acidity in white vinegar makes it effective for killing moulds, bacteria and other germs that are harmful to human health.

White vinegar can be used in many cleaning applications. For instance, it can be used to clean the shower head in the bathroom. The shower head can be soaked with white vinegar and water solution overnight to remove mineral deposits. The cleaner can also be added to the sink dishwater to remove oil in pots and pans.

White vinegar is also the cleanser to use when there are stains and mineral deposits in the coffee pot. It can be poured into the bottom of the dishwasher to help sanitise and deodorise the plates and glasses. The white vinegar will also make them shiny again after the washing is done.

The company’s Cleaning Vinegar can also be used to clean tiles and grout. Simply soak the tiles and grout with the cleaning vinegar for a few minutes, then scrub to remove the stain, mould and mildew. The cleaning solution can also be used to make chrome sink fixtures clean and shiny.

The vinegar is also effective in cleaning the microwave oven. Put the white vinegar in a bowl and let it boil inside the microwave. This will remove unpleasant odours that may have accumulated over time. Distilled vinegar mixed with water will be effective in cleaning the refrigerator.

To find out more about Custom Chemicals’ Cleaning Vinegar product, visit the company’s website at

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