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Biodegradable Products a Must

Biodegradable Products a Must

If you own and operate a cleaning business you will understand that the public demand that all cleaning products are:

• User friendly;

• Contain no harmful toxins;

• Contain no poisons;

• Have minimal or no sodium;

• Are phosphate free; and

• Are biodegradable.

If you intend to preserve Mother Earth for future generations as you clean away the dirt, grime, mould, and organisms that grow and populate in our world, it is essential to use this type of product.

The flip side of the coin that professional cleaners must address is the ability not only to remove what we can see but what we can’t see.

Mycotoxins are toxins that are produced by particular species of mould that can live and thrive in dirty, moist environments in a home or office such as carpets.

These mycotoxins, along with dust mites, and other disease carrying organisms can cause a plethora of sickness and disease in humans and their pets.

If you suffer from asthma these microscopic critters can aggravate the condition, or worse, if inhaled, can cause irreparable damage within healthy lungs.

Dead skin, which may carry such infections as athlete’s foot can reside within your carpet just waiting for the next available contact with a healthy host.

Reliable cleaning chemical distributor Brisbane Custom Chemicals understands this predicament many professional carpet cleaners find themselves in.

They have formulated a brilliant cleaner that will enhance your range of available products to clean away dirt and grime safely, with little or no effects to a building’s inhabitants.

Biogreen Oxy Spotter Working Wonders

Biogreen Oxy Spotter is an incredible cleaner that has been formulated to satisfy the most environmentally conscious people the planet boasts.

This amazing product is readily biodegradable, is not classified as hazardous, dangerous or even registered on the schedule of poisons.

The reason for this is the carefully balanced ingredients of water, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, anionic wetting agent and fragrance.

All these items are safe to use in any home at any time and can even satisfy the demands of sensitive home sewerage treatment plants that are designed to process grey and waste water from homes and buildings that are not able to be connected to a council providing waste water supply.

To view the entire range of Biogreen products visit with us now at and see for yourself how you can deeply enhance the cleaning services you offer to your clients.


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