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Toll Manufacturing Environmentally Safe Laundry Detergent

“Environmental” is among the most common and popular words at present time. As people aim to help in any way to protect the environment, product manufacturers and suppliers are doing their best to provide for environmentally conscious consumers.

If you are a distributor of laundry powder products, it would be beneficial to provide for customers seeking environmentally friendly products. They are a very important market to consider. There is strong potential for profit as more and more people are conscious about the products they are using every day. Many people who take care of their laundry are now looking for products that will not poison the soil.

One good idea is toll manufacturing of environmentally safe laundry powder to cater for eco-conscious consumers.

What is Toll Manufacturing?

Toll manufacturing is production solely for distributors. This arrangement is beneficial to both the toll manufacturer and the distributor. The manufacturer gets to focus more on research and development, so the quality of products is significantly improved.

Distributors get to benefit from toll manufacturing as they will not need to set up a costly facility to produce the products they want to bring to the market. They can concentrate on marketing and delivering products to consumers.

Distributors of laundry products can contract with a powder manufacturer that does toll manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Powder

Before dealing with a toll manufacturer for the laundry powder you will be distributing, become familiar with the ingredients you should be avoiding and the properties for which you should be looking.

Laundry soaps are effective because of surfactants, which break down dirt and stains in clothes. But these are usually made up of LAS or Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate, which is not readily biodegradable.

Another ingredient to avoid in laundry powder is phosphate. Phosphates, when released to the waterways can lead to algal production, which is very harmful to fish and other aquatic resources.

Environmentally safe laundry powder will have to be readily biodegradable and free of phosphates. They should also be formulated to be safe for discharge to water treatment facilities.

The laundry powder should also be safe for gardens in that the ingredients can break down into nutrients that can be used in gardens. Environmentally safe laundry powder must also be devoid of any toxic chemicals and must have minimal volatile organic carbon.

As people become more and more responsible for the environment, the clamour for environmentally safe products is increasing. Product distributors will do well to provide for that market by working with a toll manufacturer of environmentally friendly laundry powder. If you want to learn more about eco-friendly laundry products, click here.


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