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Controlling the Health Risks of Moulds

Controlling the Health Risks of Moulds

Moulds are health hazards that can easily be found in homes and in offices if proper cleaning is not done. If present in the home, mould spores can negatively affect the health of an individual, particularly if that individual is suffering from a disease. Moulds can also have adverse effects on the health of the elderly, babies or very young children.

Health Risks

Moulds can accumulate in the dust of a house or an office. In a few cases, they cause allergic reactions in some people, especially if there are huge quantities of spores already present in the area. The house or workplace may also be harbouring the toxic type of moulds, which can pose serious health danger to people. These moulds produce mycotoxins, which can cause neurological issues.

Exposure to moulds can affect the well-being of a person. It can lead to serious sinus congestion, eye infection, throat irritation, skin rashes and headaches, as well as coughing, sneezing and difficulty in breathing. Moulds can be dangerous to people who are already suffering from asthma.

Mould Formation

Moulds typically form in a moist environment. They usually start accumulating after a flood or if there is stagnant water or a water leak in the house or the workplace. Moulds also typically form and grow on food items, even those that are stored inside the refrigerator. They can grow on meat, fruits and vegetables. Food items that have been exposed to moulds should not be ingested to avoid any health issues.

Effective Prevention

Moulds should not be taken lightly. They can accumulate in a highly humid and moist environment. One way to effectively prevent their growth is to make sure that all parts of the house are cleaned and kept dry. Cleaning the interiors regularly will also help prevent the growth of moulds. It will be beneficial to use a cleaning product that particularly targets moulds.

Custom Chemicals offers cleaning products that can be effective in removing moulds from the house or the workplace. The company allows retailers and companies such as hotels and big restaurants to buy bulk cleaning chemicals. Among the products available from Custom Chemicals for toll manufacturing is Mould Off, a multipurpose germicidal cleanser formulated to clean, disinfect, deodorise and protect the surface.

Mould Off is safe to use on most types of surfaces that can tolerate water. It is best to use for mopping or spray applications. With Mould Off, the surface will be protected from mould or mildew as well as algae and bacteria for at least 30 days.



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