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Importance of Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

When purchasing cleaning products for the home, office, vehicles or even for pets, effectiveness of the product is always the top consideration. Just like with other products in the markets, the trend appears to be heading towards the use of environmentally friendly products. Many people disregard the call to use eco-friendly products. Some just do not bother, probably because it is difficult to find products that are in fact eco-friendly and still effective. However, the use of earth friendly cleaning products should not be taken for granted because there are many benefits that they bring. Human health and ecosystem balance are in the centre of attention when it comes to cleaning products.

Preventing Negative Health Effects

The usual cleaners available in the market have the potential to cause serious health problems, especially if humans or pets get prolonged exposure to them. This is because many cleaning products use ingredients that could lead to lung problems and skin irritation. Some are even though to be carcinogenic. Studies have indicated that janitors constantly exposed to fumes from bathroom cleaners are very likely to contract lung problems and other serious diseases. Some ingredients are also toxic that they are not safe to handle unless the person is using protective gloves.

Preventing Environmental Degradation

The bigger issue with current cleaning products is the use of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Anything from laundry detergent, dishwashers, mildew killer and floor care use harmful ingredients that are not bio-degradable and polluting to the air and water system.

When released into the environment, the toxic ingredients in cleaners are also destructive to the soil and aquifer. These chemicals can get into bodies of water, endangering the lives of fish and other water creatures. Vegetation is also not safe with the constant flow of pollutants into the system.

Custom Chemicals recognises the importance of adopting environmentally sound products, so it is offering consumers an extensive line of eco-friendly cleaners. The Bio-Green product range only makes use of ingredients that are not harmful to human health or to the environment when they are released into the environment.

Custom Chemicals formulated the Bio-Green product line to be readily biodegradable, septic safe, grey water safe, fumeless and with low (volatile organic carbon) VOC. The eco-friendly cleaners do not contain phosphates, mineral acids, poisons or biologically harmful ingredients. This means that when the company’s products are released into the environment, the ingredients break down into nutrients that are safe for vegetation because there is no phosphate and the pH level is acceptable. Even without the harsh chemical ingredients, Bio-Green products provide excellent cleaning power.



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